About musicar en Website www.musicar.pl is the only portal on the Polish and foreign markets, enabling you to find a ride for concerts and festivals. As people actively participating in festivals and concerts, and at the same time always having trouble with transportation, we decided to create a portal that will allow others to find a ride directly to the event or to even find companions. The website is an invention of the idea, which was born to us during our solitary journey to concerts. Musicar fills a missing gap in the market. We are the product of a non-commercial, driven by passion and we strongly believe that music connects people for real.


If you have a means of transport, add an ad to the selected event by specifying the route, the number of free seats, and price for the seat. On the other hand, if you do not have a way to get to a concert and you are looking for a free seat in a car or a companion to have fun, post an ad at your chosen event from where you are leaving so drivers or other lonely travelers to concerts and festivals can find you.
Easy? Well, so let’s go to the concert!
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